August 8, 2015
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1970 – Class History

On the Redmen Reservation, a mighty tribe began, it was known as the Class of nineteen hundred and seventy; it was a spirituous and might class whose victories were many and whose success was great.

Our life on the reservation began as Freshmen, the youngest of all tribes.  We were placed in the capable hands of Miss Babor and Mr. Pillar. Our selected chiefs for this year were; Tommy Santoro – President; Beth Litwin – Vice President; Patti Rogers – Secretary; Lori Newman – Corresponding Secretary and Mike Davis – Treasurer.  We began our Freshmen Year by taking first place with our Homecoming Float.  Our theme was “Heads we win, Tails we lose”.  Will we ever forget when it fell apart on the highway?  Or the game with Central Islip when we took the Rutgers Cup? The next event was the one-act plays where we took third place, with “I Love Your Mr. Klotz”.  Beth Litwin, in the spirit of ’70 took the Trudi Thomas Award.  Will we ever forget when they threw a bucket of water on Joann?  We were beginning to show the other tribes that we might be the youngest, but certainly not the weakest. The last big event was Sport’s Night.  It was a new experience for us; although we took 4th place, our cheerleaders took 1st, showing that we were still on the ball.

We began our second year as Sophomores on the reservation by electing; Jean Gabriel – President; Ed Schnittger – Vice President; Dedi Frey – Secretary and Lori Newman – Treasurer.  Our advisor for this year was Mr. Lindsey.  The highlight of the football season, Homecoming, found us in 2nd place.  Our float was Snoopy, and Barbara LoGalbo was our lovely attendant.  “The Lottery” was the title of this year’s one-act play, which was directed by Mr. Entwistle.  Will anyone forget Bill Kronenberg as Old Man Warner when he took 3rd for the Trudi Thomas Award?  Our play took second place but we went on with many memories.  Our Basketball Festival proved to be a memorable event with Jean Gabriel as our attendant. Sport’s Night rolled around with our class no winning any major victories.

Summer passed all to quickly and we found ourselves as Juniors on the reservation.  Mrs. Page and Mr. Wilson became our advisors, and with a pair like that we were bound to make a come-back.  Our chiefs were; Joe Sciotto – President; Mike Davis – Vice President; Kathy Hannon – Secretary; Laura Levine – Treasurer and Roberta Marchione – Historian.  We bgan this year by taking first place in the Homecoming Festival with our float “Eagles eat out of Redmen Hands”.  Will we ever forget Louise as the Eagle?  This year Jean Gabriel was our Junior Attendant.  We ended the Football season by putting the cup where it belongs.  Our next event was the one-act plays.  Under the talented direction of Mrs. Page, we did “Inherit the Wind”.  To the frustration of the Seniors, we again defeated them by taking 1st place.  Will we ever forget Louis’ powerful line “Do you the believe the word ..? “ the Seniors were now on the warpath, and Sport’s Night became a contest between two older tribes.  Although we came in second, we gave a fight that will never be forgotten.  Sophia Kodera was the Basketball Attendant for this year.

The biggest social event of the year came on May 8, when our gym took on a Hawaiian atmosphere.  Our theme was “Hawaiian Sunset”, and there were bamboo huts, a sunset mural, and Hawaiian food to go along with the décor.  It proved to be an enjoyable evening.  We danced to the wild sounds of the Super Suds of Rhythm.  Beth Litwin was crowned the Queen.  The last event of the night was the distribution of the rings (which are now turning green – Oh Well!)

As seniors we were the oldest tribe on the reservation.  Mrs. Page and Mr. Wilson were again our faithful advisors.  Our chiefs were; Mike Davis – President; Joy DeFede – Vice President; Jona Brostowski –  Secretary; Laura Levine – Treasurer and Roberta Marchione and Donna Kube – Historians.  This was to be our greatest year, but we began by losing the Homecoming Festival, our Rutgers Cup took third place.  While most tribes were making floats, ours was tee-peeing.  Will we ever forget when we tee-pee’d Jeff’s car at the Marina when Jeff and Jean were in it?  The Homecoming Queen was Jenny Deprisco with her attendant Yvonne Antiou.  Our Football team lost the Rutgers Cup and for the fourth year in a row we lost the Christmas Decorations.  We were beginning to be called the jinx of ’70.  Our Basketball Queen was Bev Vlcek and Joy Difede was her attendant.  Our Senior Class Play proved to be one of the Great success’ of our Senior year. No one will ever forget Norm’s performance as the drunken sheriff.

Will we ever forget anything that has happened on the reservation?  The parties (Fred’s, Didi’s, Donna’s, Lori’s and Linda’s), the tee-peeing, the new gym suits, the tragedies of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the success of moon flight and most of all will we ever forget the friends we made?

Now, with the months nearly exhausted, we look forward to our Senior Ball at the Thatched Cottage, Sport’s Night and our trip to the Mount Airy Lodge in the Poconos.  Soon, we shall make one more trip, that long walk to the platform to receive our long awaited diplomas.

As we approach this day the final puff of smoke will rise from the embers of the dying campfire which has burned for four years; we see wonderful memories in it that will be a part of us forever.  For the dying fire is but a path that will branch out in many directions – may its flame burn forever in our hearts.

Beany Marchione

Originally published in our yearbook